Bring out the Black Boots

Today I went into a shoe shop in town to check how much a pair of black boots I’ve had my eye on were. These boots, by Dr Martens, have been in the store for quite some time – maybe even this time last year – but I’ve been good and have waited until the sale. I spotted they were in the sale the previous day but didn’t have time to have a proper look so I went back. You know what’s coming next, right? No, I didn’t discover they were really cheap and fitted perfectly and so I’m wearing them now. Unfortunately not. They were gone. Sold. All of them. How disappointing. 

Naturally as a result of my disappointment I’ve spent an hour or so afterwards browsing the internet for similar black leather lace up boots, you know, just in case I can find a pair like the one’s I’ve missed out on. It turns out the ones I liked are an exclusive to that particular retailer, and they don’t have any left online either. I have come to terms with not getting them, but it hasn’t stopped me finding a selection of other black ankle boots to add to my wish list… no, I will never learn.

These Noira boots by UGG look really comfortable and much more hard wearing than the traditional UGG boots I see people wearing. They are a bit more weatherproof, and I really like the buckle detail. They come in at £230 which is a lot of pennies – it’s at least two if not three pairs of Dr Martens!

The Saint Metal Zip by AS98 (formerly Air Step) look absolutely gorgeous. Really rugged styling with the floppy-look leather upper that Air Step does so well. I could wear these with anything and I bet they’d cope with the weather better than the UGGs above.

I love the detail down the front of these black boots by Duffy. I am really liking buckles at the moment – probably the biker in me – and the zip on this pair also really stands out. Duffy is a much cheaper brand but the boots look to be great quality. These are just over £50. Anyone got a pair? Are they comfy and well made?

I don’t think I’ll be buying any of these pairs just yet. I’m just too indecisive. Maybe I’ll just go back into that shop tomorrow and ask if another store in the chain has a pair in stock they can get me. Or maybe I’ll just leave it and save my pennies for another day.

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store.

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