OnePiece for a Cosy Night In

Hands up who likes to get into their comfies on as soon as they get home from work! I can put both of mine up here – the comfier the better… and I know I’m not the only one.

As you’ll have seen on my blog and new vlogs, I rather like a big cosy hoodie, and I have nothing quite as cosy as my bright blue OnePiece zip up sweater. It’s my absolute go-to for nights in. A few of you have asked about it (which means you are actually watching my new YouTube channel, thanks!), so I thought I’d give it some love here on Splodz Blogz.

OnePiece (available world wide) are best known as the original Norwegian all-in-one company, designed to keep people warm in arctic winters. I know ‘onesies’ are a love them or hate them item of clothing, but I admit I am a convert. You won’t find me wandering around the streets of Lincoln in my OnePiece Marius (the warmest and cosiest thing I have ever worn, seriously), not even on a long haul flight, but they are just perfect for a cosy Friday night in (well I am very nearly 35 you know… getting old!).

But my favourite things to wear on a cold and dark evening at home aren’t OnePiece jumpsuits, though, but rather their hoodies. They are so comfy and such great quality, I have never had a better hoodie. The bright blue one I wear constantly (poorly modelled above, but right now spinning around in the washing machine for the hundredth time this year) is the Everyday Zip Hoodie, a basic unisex offering that comes in a few colours but sadly not this particular blue any more. Then there is my dark green “relax” hoodie – it might have a more feminine cut but that huge hood is just perfect for putting up when you’re slouching on the sofa watching random rubbish on the telly box on a Sunday afternoon.

I had a quick browse online (okay, not particularly quick), and might have to treat myself to the new Slow Hoodie as an early Christmas present. It’s another unisex offering, and it looks to be the perfect addition to my OnePiece collection – the dark grey one, I think. It’s ok to collect hoodies, isn’t it?!


How do you like to get cosy for a Friday night when you get in from the cold?

If you’d like your own OnePiece be sure to use my discount code to get 20% off full priced items at OnePiece. Simply use SB101 today or tomorrow. 


As you know, I am a OnePiece “Piecekeeper” which basically makes me one of their brand ambassadors. This means that I have a particular motive for telling you about the products, but be assured I only do so because I genuinely think they are great and some of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. If you choose to buy something from OnePiece, make sure you use one of my discount codes – you’ll get 20% off the price and I’ll earn a teeny bit of commission to go towards my next hoodie. If you are reading this post after the discount code has expired (they run out so fast!) don’t panic, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to update it. 

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