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I was going to make this a part of my “travelling light” series, but realised that while I have been quite limited with the stuff I’ve packed for this trip, I’m not really travelling light when it comes to my wash kit. So instead this will just be a #Zartusacan preparation post, which you seem to like the idea of when I suggested them – I am planning some more in a similar vein too, some writing (and maybe videos) about my packing, paperwork and preparation for the big trip this summer. Meet my road trip wash kit. 

Road Trip Wash Kit - Splodz Blogz

(If you’re not sure what #Zartusacan is there’s a handy update post here you may find interesting – and be prepared for lots of mentions of this weird hashtag coming up over the next few months as this thing turns from a dream into my life.)

Packing has started in earnest and for some reason I begun with my wash kit. I guess I thought it would be easier than the clothing! I mean, a girl has to keep clean while she’s road tripping – if I’m going to be wearing the same motorcycle kit every day for ten weeks I want to try and make sure I’m sweet smelling inside the gear. Oh and I also thought I’d take this opportunity to film a non-vlog video – so you can meet my road trip wash kit and see me moving at the same time. I guess I just thought it was the done thing. You can watch the video at the bottom of this post or over on Splodz Blogz TV.

Road Trip Wash Kit - Splodz Blogz

Apart from a packet of tissues (in a soft bag rather than a cardboard box to make it easier to pack) and some baby wipes, which will most likely stay in my topbox for the duration of the trip so they’re easy to get to, I have arranged my wash kit into three separate bags. We’re flying to Vancouver to start our road trip there so I’m making use of my Flight 001 carry-on wash bag for a few of my in-flight essentials. Then there’s my The North Face wash bag – their travel canister – the smallest of the duffel bags they make, and a little Joules make-up bag. Oh and in the photos everything is sat on my Lifeventure travel towel, which is always handy to have, especially as we’re going to be camping, but also just in case I get to take a dip in a mountain lake during the trip. I am definitely planning more than one dip in a mountain lake. I hope it’s not too cold! It looks like quite a lot of stuff now I’ve got it there, but I *think* I’ve been pretty good at taking out the non-essentials and only packing what I need and will use.

Road Trip Wash Kit - Carry On Bag - Splodz Blogz

I guess I’ll start with my in-flight pack, which contains just a few bits and bobs that will make the long haul flight from London to Vancouver more comfortable. I used to take a huge amount of stuff when travelling long haul, but realised I don’t actually need or want it when I’m actually on the plane.

  • I like a solid deodorant (it doesn’t make me sneeze or cough) and this Mitchum powder fresh anti-perspirant is my current favourite as it goes on easily, lasts all day and has a nice fresh scent that’s not too pungent.
  • I always struggle with my nose on flights so I bung in some Otrivine nasal spray to keep things clear.
  • Hand gel will be important on the flight as well as on the road trip. Let’s be honest, rest stop loos aren’t always the nicest, and we often eat street food or picnics without being anywhere to wash our hands first. I’ve just got a bog standard Cuticura one but I quite fancy one of those scented Soap & Glory ones. Are they worth it?
  • Planes are so drying as is being outdoors all the time when motorcycling, so some good hand cream is a must, I love this Hemp Hand Protector one from The Body Shop as you only need a tiny bit and it’s not greasy.
  • A little tube of hand wash/soap to help keep me clean, important when camping as there is hardly ever soap in the washing facilities.
  • A little pack of femfresh wipes to keep my intimate area clean and fresh. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, ladies!
  • One of the little pots of Vaseline will keep my lips smooth and supple – I go through loads of this stuff when motorcycling as the wind dries my lips out loads. It’s also great for my knuckles as for some reason I get really chapped knuckles. Yea I know, nice.
  • I always have my toothbrush and toothpaste on the flight, it’s the perfect way to refresh after a long flight and of course the number one wash kit item for any road trip. Oral hygiene is top priority! I’ve not really got room to take my electric toothbrush with the charger, so I am reverting to manual mode for the trip. This is the Radius Source toothbrush, which is made from recycled US bills along with wood and flax, and has a replaceable head.

Naturally once I get there all this stuff will make its way either into my handbag (which will actually be a little Adidas back pack I’ve had for years and years that can live in my topbox when I’m riding and on my back when we’re walking) or my main wash kit. And it’ll be joined by…

Road Trip Wash Kit - Splodz Blogz

My main wash kit this time around isn’t full of little samples or mini sizes of products for a nice evening pamper routine like it might be for a short road trip in Europe or a weekend away somewhere, but as we are away for so long and don’t want to be restocking every few days, it’s super practical with some full sized products that might take up space but will aid convenience. We know we’ll have to shop so I’ve not gone over the top, but hopefully the things I have here will keep me going for a while and will also keep my skin on a nice level before having to switch to USA/Canadian formulas that I’m not used to.

  • I’m taking a full sized tube of the Simple oil balancing face wash as my current favourite cleanser.
  • The other half of my face routine will be the Simple light moisturiser with SPF 15, a product I know doesn’t break my skin out and should help protect my skin when outdoors all the time.
  • I am addicted to the Gerlechs Gehwol Extra foot cream, it’s just so good at looking after my feet. I’ve no idea if I can get more of this over in the USA or Canada but it lasts ages so I might not need any more.
  • I bought this travel razor by Gilette because I wanted a new one to take away with me (I should replace them way more than I do) – it’s a Venus Snap and it comes in a little case in which I can also fit a couple of replacement blades (the blades need to be taken out of their packaging first, though).
  • Dry shampoo is a definite must have for me on any trip, especially when I’m riding my motorbike – you know, helmet hair! I’ve packed the original Batiste, the standard 200ml size. I’m obviously also going to wash my hair (!) and I’ve plumped for this Bumble & Bumble shampoo and conditioner duo as I really like it and had some in the cupboard already – just travel sized as when we’re in hotel I’ll just use whatever is provided so it should last a while and I can easily buy travel sized hair care from supermarkets anyway.
  • As we’re camping we will no doubt require insect spray – this Incognito anti-mosquito has worked for me before so I’m hoping it’ll do the job perfectly this time too. I hate insect bites!
  • Suncream is important when spending so much time outdoors, even when it’s included in my moisturiser and foundation – this is the Boots own brand Soltan SPF30, it’s the one designed for your face but I use it anywhere I need it, don’t see the point of having several different ones. I’m sure I can replace this small tube easily with something similar in Walmart on the road.
  • Those femfresh wipes I mentioned are super handy but I also have a tube of their intimate wash – it’s balanced correctly to use down there, so means I can clean those important areas without irritating them.
  • And last but not least in this bag, something not to keep myself clean but that will certainly help me keep sweet smelling. Only packing a handful of clothes means we are going to have to wash them regularly, so this travel wash by Dr Beckmann will be super useful. It’s mild and easy to use in a hotel sink and should keep my smalls (and larges) clean. Partnered with a travel sink plug and peg-less clothes line (see my travel essentials post) it’ll be just the ticket.

Road Trip Wash Kit - Make Up Bag - Splodz Blogz

The final bag I’m going to empty out for you is my make-up bag. I’m no beauty blogger and if you are into your make-up and beauty stuff you will probably hang your head in shame at this menial collection of randomness but hey, I’m going on a road trip not a photo shoot. Although there will be lots of photos, of course. Oh.

To keep my hair neat and tidy I’ve packed my Tangle Teezer travel brush – this is the men’s compact one but it’s completely identical to the one aimed at us ladies and I much preferred the colour. Why it’s still pink and purple (or leopard print) for ladies and swish grey for men I don’t know. That along with a bunch of hair bobbles and I’ll be all set for the wide range of hair styles I’ll be attempting. Of course, by “wide range” I mean pony tail or plait. Oh and “down”, but that doesn’t need a bobble!

Then for my face itself I have my go-to combination of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse, which has some SPF15 in it, and the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I only use the concealer when I’m super tired or have massive spots (okay, most days). I find a bit of eye liner makes me feel like I’ve made an effort so I’m packing two – both are The Body Shop Eye Definer pencils, one in black, one in silvery grey. I couldn’t be without my Benefit Eye Bright, possibly my favourite ever make-up product – I feel like it helps widen and brighten my eyes like nothing else. Naturally I needed a pencil sharpener for those bits too. Then I have a mini Benefit Bad Gal Lash for the days I fancy mascara, and a couple of Revlon ColourStay eye shadows in Bone and Blush. I’ve even packed a mirror to help me see myself when I am feeling confident enough to have a look!


So… if you’d like to watch this post rather than read it here’s your chance… and please drop me a comment if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more (feel free to make suggestions of topics)!

Go on then… what have I forgotten (there’s just still time for me to add things)? What do you pack in your road trip wash kit to make sure you feel clean and sweet smelling when on your travels? Comment below 🙂 


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