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This post combines a few things that I love… the outdoors, challenges and photography. Last week I got a little message from Lucy over at Paddle Peddle Pace (great blog if you’re looking for something new to read) to say she’d tagged me in an outdoor photography competition I just had to check it out. And this is the resulting blog post.

Share Your Outdoors Banner

The Aspinall Foundation is an animal conservation charity that works with Howletts Wild Animal Park and Port Lympne Reserve in Kent to breed, reintroduce and protect rare and endangered species. As part of their desire to spread the word about what they are doing, they are running a blogger competition with some cool Port Lympne Reserve prizes to be won…

Exploring the great outdoors has magical benefits, both mentally and physically. Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee in the garden, climbing a mountain, skiing in the Alps or capturing pictures of your favourite outdoor spots, everyone has a way of connecting with nature, and we want to hear yours!

The challenge is to choose four photographs showing how you love to spend time outdoors. So here you are…

Splodz Blogz Share Your Outdoors Photo Collage

I am very lucky in that I have thousands of outdoors photos I could have chosen for this, all of which would have described my love of the outdoors and why I like to spend time outside rather than inside. But the four photos I’ve used in my collage above have a very important message – they are all taken within a mile of my own front door. That’s 20 minutes walk, a five minute cycle, or a two minute drive. These images, all in Lincoln, sum up my love of the outdoors – it is right there waiting for us to go and enjoy it. Getting outside doesn’t have to mean having difficult or expensive adventures or travelling a long way from home. It is very much about putting on some shoes and heading out of your own house and seeing what there is just a short distance away. A message I repeat often here on Splodz Blogz. I hope you agree with me.

The last part of the competition is to tag another blogger to take part. I have chosen to tag Alison over at Dragon’s and Fairy Dust – she started blogging after being inspired by Splodz Blogz a few years ago, which is cool in itself, and loves to find places for great days out in her area. Alison – your turn!

If you want to find out more about the Aspinal Foundation, Port Lympne Reserve or the #ShareYourOutdoors blogger competition, head over to this website.

(I am fully aware that blogger competitions like this are a way of public relations bods generating free coverage for their business/organisation on our blogs… I know some bloggers hate them, but sometimes when a subject fits in with my interests as perfectly as this one I don’t see any problem with joining in.) 

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