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Splodz Blogz is celebrating today, albeit quietly in my own kitchen while the washing machine hums and the tea gets drunk. Happy seventh birthday to me… (don’t worry, this isn’t a long post, more of an acknowledgement for prosperity).

The best happy birthday wishes can make seven-year-old boys and girls feel as special as they deserve to feel on their birthday — and as special as you want them to feel. So how about a blog? When I turned six I made myself a bowl of raspberry jelly and Cornish vanilla ice cream sprinkled with meringue, when I was five I put a candle in some leftover Christmas cake. But seven?

Splodz Blogz Birthday Jelly and Ice Cream

Last year’s jelly and ice cream. Am trying to be healthier this year!

How about this message that I spotted in a birthday card?

When you turn seven years old, everything gets seven times better and you get seven times more super.

Oh I do hope so! I rather like the idea of being super!

Seven, in the world of blogging, is quite old. By the time they are seven, I think blogs have generally gone one of two ways. They have either fizzled out because their owners have moved onto something new (nothing wrong with that), or they are somehow part-time wage-earning beasts with big followings, high influencer ratings, associated e-books and events, cool merchandise and one or two awards on their homepage.

Well I am neither. I am not about to abandon Splodz Blogz for something else, although I am rather in love with instagram at the moment (come follow me!), and I haven’t broken into the world of the big bloggers. And both of those things are okay – Splodz Blogz is my corner of the internet where I can write about things that please me. I am happy with things ticking along, with positive readers who comment every now and again, and seem to like what I am sharing. I am pleased to say I have grown though, as a writer, as a person, over the last seven years. And boy have I experienced some amazing things thanks to this blogging thing! So seven is pretty super, don’t you think?!

Maybe for my eighth blog birthday I’ll get a fun giveaway organised and have a week of celebrations including cake and candles and the like. But today I will just quietly mutter “happy seventh birthday Splodz Blogz, let’s continue to use this space for nice words and pictures, and work on ways to become even more super over the next year“.


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