We are now half way through February and so half way through this edition of my One Hour Outside campaign. I hope you are enjoying the challenge and not finding it too frustrating! Thankfully I’m now all better (well, just about), and so have been able to get out a lot more this week which feels SO good.

Murmuration over Lincoln. Chris Packham would be proud!

I’m going to start this week’s roundup at the end of last week… on the way to the car after work we watched an amazing murmuration. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one over Lincoln before, It was so cool to see. I’ve said a number of times that I love watching wildlife do their thing, and this was a lovely moment. I shared a video over on my facebook page, particularly shakey but it works I think!

Walking home lit by streetlights.

I started week two of the February edition of One Hour Outside by walking home from work. It’s around 4.5 miles if I take the direct route, which is a little dull and along concrete pavement but it’s not too bad and is much less worrying than the river path when it’s dark. It wasn’t entirely my choice; LincsGeek had a dentist appointment and so needed the car, and I dislike paying for the bus. But I do like walking home, I should definitely do this more often; even though it takes just over an hour I get home feeling energised, refreshed and accomplished.

Water under the bridge. 

Like most people, most of my time spent outside on week days is done in my lunch break from work. This means I’m always wandering around the same area. I can go in lots of directions, but ultimately it can get a little dull. So this week I have consciously been hunting out different views (and different things to take photos of). Lincoln is a growing city and there always seems to be lots of building work going on, which means things are changing quickly – these photos show a development by Brayford Pool in Lincoln.

Building site by Brayford Pool, Lincoln.

It’s been a bit of an odd week, weather wise. I don’t know about you, but here in Lincolnshire we’ve had all the wintery conditions at some point; bright blue skies, snow, hail, rain, strong winds and warm sunshine. Being so flat in the main, Lincolnshire is well known for its big skies, which look particularly awesome when we have a proper winter sun.

Brayford Pool in the sunshine.

I started with the murmuration, so I’ll finish with some swans. There have apparently been some sightings of an otter swimming about in Brayford Pool in Lincoln which, if true, would be the coolest thing – I love otters they are the cutest! On Tuesday I went for a little otter hunt to see if I could spot the little fella, but sadly was unsuccessful. I did get to see some male swans fighting over a girl, some frisky swans tussling, and lots of gulls egging them on – well it is coming to Springtime.

No otters (today), but plenty of swans and gulls.

I am always watching my #OneHourOutside hashtag over on twitter and instagram, and I’m really enjoying hearing where you are spending your outside time each day. Tell me in the comments below – where have you been and what have you seen?! 

Not sure what One Hour Outside is all about? Read this post. Wondering why I care? Here are some reasons why getting outside is good for us.


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