My bucket list grows every time I open twitter. I see what other people have been up to and am inevitably taken by whatever it is. Axe throwing is one of those things I spotted someone else I follow do, probably two years ago now, and it just looked like so much fun. And thankfully my family agree, as I was given a voucher to give it a go for my birthday – for a one hour Axe Throwing experience with Southern Pursuits in Crawley.

Axe Throwing set up at Southern Pursuits.

Southern Pursuits are based at Tulley’s Farm near Crawley in Surrey. The farm, which is famous for its Halloween event, has a tea room (the breakfasts looked amazing!), kids play area (complete with mini diggers), and small animal petting zoo. Southern Pursuits have their facility on the other side of the road, but they use Tulley’s Farm as their base to meet guests, get the paperwork done, and it’s handy for parking (which is free).


After signing my life away (axe throwing is apparently dangerous…), we headed down to the axe throwing area – I want to call it a “ring” – for our briefing and experience. I have to admit I was expecting it to be a little busier than it was. In the 11.30am slot was myself plus one other couple, and as there are two sets of targets (and axes), I had a whole set to myself. This meant that I basically got an hour of constant throwing using my own set of five axes, with as much tuition as I wanted. If I’d been in a group of more than one I’d have had to share my axes with other people.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Our instructor explained the two different types of axe – the tomahawk and the star axe – and explained how best to throw them for maximum effect. Aiming is a little difficult, as you might imagine, but he gave us some pointers to help us hit the target. The technique for each axe was slightly different, right down to how you stand and from where you throw.

Only just!

The aim is, of course, to get the axe in the target, and it didn’t take me long to manage that with both kinds of axe. But it was all rather intermittent, I was only successfully occasionally. The tomahawk, which is all about power, went in once in every ten tries – I mostly had to go and find them on the bank behind the target. I was much better with the star axes, which required less power. The tomahawks might have been more fun to throw, but the star axes were more fulfilling!

Oooo slow motion axe throwing… 😉

After a short time I swapped to the children’s star axes. Yea, I know, I’m a grown woman… but these kid’s axes are quite a lot lighter which means it’s so much more about technique rather than power, and as they are hardly used they are as sharp as they can get, and they were a game changer. By the end of my session I was getting five targets in a row with this little black and red weapons. And that felt very good!


My axe throwing experience was a lot of fun. It was relaxed, there was plenty of time allowed, the equipment was good, and the tuition was enough. It was nice my family were free to come and watch (and take photos), and all in all I had a lovely morning (note that those wishing to spectate have to sign the safety disclaimer as well as the activity participant).

If you’re looking to add something a little bit different (and very slightly deadly) to your bucket list, axe throwing is a great call. And it would make a great activity for a family or group of friends, too. An excellent birthday present!

Two direct hits in a row!

Find out more about the activities Southern Pursuits can offer on their website.

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