Whoever said good things don’t last got it wrong… as I am super excited (and a big bit proud) to be staying on as an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion for a second term. Last year the scheme brought some amazing opportunities for me, both to help me get outside a little bit more than usual, but also to help me encourage you to get outside more too. I mean, I even made an appearance on the lineup at a festival! Ha! 

Proof I got a second term… my cheesy official photo!

A GetOutside Champion, as you may be wondering, is someone tasked by Ordnance Survey, the very British mapping company, with encouraging others to get outside. The group, a team of outdoors enthusiasts who love to share their adventures online and in person, aren’t employed by OS, but rather work with the organisation to spread the word about how awesome spending time on little (and big) adventures in the British countryside is.

Once again I’m joined by some truly amazing outdoorsy people from all over the UK. This year there are 60 of us… and we’re all wandering around the UK in our blue and green Craghoppers jackets. Just look at us all…

The 2018 GetOutside Champions at the launch event in the New Forest.

It is a real honour to have been chosen. This is an acknowledgement of my aim to encourage you (yes, you) to get outside whenever you get an hour (you are taking part in One Hour Outside aren’t you?!), and for demonstrating that the outdoors is for everyone. When I consider my place in the group of Champions I wonder what OS were thinking by picking me, again, a full-time office-worker who has to fit in tiny adventures in-between everything else life throws at her. But the fact that they have makes me think that, maybe, this whole life is all about the journey thing, and my desire to make the most of my days on this planet, is worth something.

Hiking in the New Forest at the launch event.

I absolutely want to encourage you to GetOutside more. That is the only point to me being involved in this, and the reason I have been chosen. I will be using my blog and social media channels to hopefully present the benefits (and the views), and hope that this helps inspire you in the same way that I have been inspired.

Let’s begin with a simple question.

What’s your favourite way to GetOutside?

Comment below and let me know.

Oh, and in case you wanted to know what a group of GetOutside Champions do when they get together in the New Forest… watch my little video:

I hope to make more little videos like this if you like watching them… let me know by subscribing on YouTube.

Find out more about the scheme and my fellow Champions over at

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And want to treat yourself to some GetOutside inspiration? You know… maps?! You can get them all on the Ordnance Survey website.

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