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It’s finally here… the video diary of my GetOutside Activity Challenge is ready for your viewing pleasure. Take a seat, grab a cuppa, and have a watch. 

In case you missed it at the time… I celebrated Ordnance Survey’s National GetOutside Day by setting myself a silly challenge to see how many GetOutside activities I could take part in during one weekend. In all I took part in more than 50 activities in 48 hours. It was so much fun and (unsurprisingly) rather tiring. I climbed hills, went swimming, camped, played silly games in the park, foraged for berries, went paddle boarding, and lots more besides. All in the name of demonstrating just how much there is on offer to us out of doors.

This short video doesn’t include all the activities (by a long way) as I was too busy enjoying them to film every moment, but it should give you a taster of what I got up to. I promise to post a full list of all the activities I took part in, along with some I didn’t have time for, very soon. In the mean time you can read my recap here.

GetOutside Activity Challenge Vlog

Sometimes the embedded frame thing doesn’t display properly (I’m working on it…), so if it seems wonky, use this link to watch on YouTube.

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