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I love slippers. They’re the best. Especially after a day wearing hiking boots. Actually, I like slippers even if haven’t spent the day wearing hiking boots… They’re good any time. This post is about my new Isobaa Merino Slippers – received as a gift from Isobaa a couple of months ago, and proving to be a fabulous edition to my indoor shoe collection.

Splodz Blogz | Isobaa Merino Blend Slippers

After four good years of wear, I wore through the bottom of my Baabuk Gus woollen slippers. In fact, the left one fell off my foot, quite literally. This was (fortuitously), just a day or two before Isobaa asked me if I fancied a pair of their merino wool blend slippers to try out.

Naturally, I said a very quick yes please, and I had my new Isobaa merino blend slippers handed to me on my doorstep, in the wonderfully eco-friendly cardboard-only packaging, a day or two later.

Traditional Danish Design

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that these Isobaa slippers are a very similar design to my old Baabuk ones. It’s is a shape that seems to be very common in the world of woollen slippers; every other brand I’ve seen making woollen house shoes, has a very similar style available.

I did a bit of research, and it does seem that this is a traditional Danish design. The makers start off with something that is more-or-less foot shaped, and then the felted woollen uppers mould to your feet exactly, making them the most comfortable slippers going.

Splodz Blogz | Isobaa Merino Slippers

Natural Materials

These Isobaa Merino Slippers are a an easy-to-slip on house shoe, made with all-natural or recycled materials. The upper is made from a blend of merino (70%) and recycled polyester (30%).

They are warm and, so far at least, seem very well made – they are comfortable and cosy but have a reasonably rigid construction. And being merino, they’re also great for hot days too, there’s no issues with sweaty feet in these!

The sole is made from rubber and is thick enough to deal with getting outdoors, at least for short periods. Far from being confined to the house, these can cope with getting drinks from the garage fridge, putting the bins out, or even wandering to the campsite ablutions block.

Slippers that work as house shoes and camp shoes – maybe I need to update my camp shoes post?

The Ortholite insole is made from recycled foam, which not only provides a lovely platform for walking and standing on, very important for time spent cooking or at a standing desk, but it also means that Isobaa are doing good things for the environment here. That foam is basically scraps from the factory floor, and Isobaa repurpose them – a nice full circle on the manufacturing process.

Keeping Wool Felt Clean

I’ve learnt, having owned woollen slippers before, that it’s best not to get these soaking wet. That means putting something else on to put the bins out on very wet days. It also means only giving them a really quick wipe if you spill something on them, and putting up with them maybe looking a bit grubby after a while.

Thankfully, wool naturally wicks moisture away from the body. This, along with wool being super breathable, means that it eliminates odours. And I can confirm that after two months of near-daily wear, my slippers don’t have a whiff of cheesy feet!

Splodz Blogz | Isobaa Merino Slippers

Daily Wear

These aren’t my only slippers. I also have a pair of The North Face Tent Mules, which I adore (strong word, but true), but I go through phases of wanting to wear those and wanting to wear something more open and breathable. But I think it’s fair to say that those puffy slippers haven’t had a single wear since these Isobaa Merino Slippers arrived in the mail. Whether I’m getting out of bed or walking in the front door, these go straight on my feet.

They really are lovely to wear. I think I’m right in saying that wool is best worn directly next to the skin, and I do prefer wearing these slippers without socks. They just feel so nice; wide enough to allow me to keep my feet feeling unrestricted, but with some protection so I don’t stub my toes or stand on something mean.

Size wise they are spot on; I ordered my normal shoe size (they come in European shoe sizes), and they are plenty big enough. Of course, now I’ve had them for a couple of months the shape of both the insole and the inside of the upper has moulded to my feet, so they are an even better fit than when they arrived.

There are no real signs of wear yet, apart from perhaps a little fluffing of the felt. I could give them a bit of a shave, but I kinda like the unkempt look! This is great as I want these slippers to last at least as long as my last pair. I would say that the sole, and the shape of the upper, is superior to my Baabuk ones – even though they were very good slippers too, these just seem that bit better made, in my opinion.

Splodz Blogz | Isobaa Merino Slippers

Isobaa Merino Slippers

As with everything else I’ve tried from Isobaa, these Merino Slippers are well designed, well made, and very nice to wear. They look good and are very comfortable – a great addition to my shoe cupboard. I’m very happy with them, and would recommend these to anyone in need of a new pair of slippers good for at home and at camp.

Find out more and get yours over on the Isobaa website.

With thanks to Isobaa for sending me their Merino Slippers to test and review. I received the slippers for free, but this is not a sponsored post.  

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