Why Cancer Research UK?

The Graham Homes Memorial Ride has two purposes. First we want to do something in Graham’s memory, to give us an opportunity to remember him as a keen motorcyclist who was always up for a ride-out. Secondly, and no doubt most importantly, we want to do something practical to raise money to both aid research into the causes and potential cures for cancer, as well as help support those who are affected by the disease.

Cancer Research UK

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, and this statistic is getting worse. Cancer Research UK aims to save lives by preventing, controlling and curing all cancers. They are leading the world in discovering and developing newer, kinder treatments and are getting closer to cures. As a result of their work they have helped double survival rates in just 40 years.

We have chosen to raise money for Cancer Research UK because their work saves lives and is critical to ensuring more people beat this devastating disease. Sadly by the time the doctors realised what was going on inside Graham’s body the stage IV kidney cancer had already spread to other parts of his body and it was too late. This is our opportunity to do something that might help Cancer Research UK help someone else just like Graham.

We want to help Cancer Research UK make a difference in Graham’s memory. 

We want to help fund the scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK who are working tirelessly to find new and better ways to beat cancer.

We also want to help them create positive changes in public policy, helping to keep cancer at the top of the health agenda and bring benefit to cancer patients.

Half of all the money raised as a result of this Memorial Ride will go straight to Cancer Research UK. Please help us make that total a great one by donating what you can.

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