Ride to the Ace Cafe London

What did you do to make the most of the sunshine yesterday? The Graham Homes Memorial Riders got together with some biking friends to ride from Lincolnshire down to London for lunch at the Ace Café.

Here we are showing off our matching t-shirts outside Ace Cafe London (from left to right: Paul, Rick, Zoe, Allister, Veronica, Edward) –

The GVH Memorial Riders at The Ace Cafe

– and here’s the whole group – first at our stop at Bedford Salvation Army (it appears William Booth rides a Kawasaki!), and then at Ace Cafe.

Bikers at Bedford Salvation Army

Bikers at The Ace Cafe

We had such a good day. We definitely took the long route – it was a glorious sunny day and so we made the most of the sunshine, our bikes and the country roads.

Not only was it a lovely day out, but it was also good practice! We did 330 miles in total along everything from winding country roads to wide busy motorways, through quaint little British villages and large towns, and of course The North Circular (where Edward managed to lose us but also arrive in the right place before us!).

For those of us who have taken part in trips like this before it was a great reminder of what it’s like to ride all day. And for those who haven’t yet, it was an excellent insight into what our week away will be like – the same as that but eight times in a row. I wonder how many members of the group are tired and aching today?!

I think it’s fair to say that yesterday’s ride out has increased the anticipation of a week on the bikes for everyone, and we are very much looking forward to getting going in just under three weeks’ time.

This is Allister on his Triumph Tiger with Veronica as pillion going through Folkingham, Lincolnshire.

Allister on his Triumph Tiger with Veronica as Pillion

If you’ve never been to The Ace Café and have any interest in motoring of the two or four-wheeled variety then you should definitely make time to visit. Playing rock-and-roll music and serving diner-style burgers and chips, it was a great place to spend a couple of hours relaxing in the sunshine. We are planning to visit again on the first day of the Memorial Ride on our way from Lowestoft to Reading.

Thank you to Andy for arranging the ride for us, to Andy and Richard for leading the way, and to Richard for the photographs.

Naturally we’ve all put in our requests for weather just like yesterday for the whole of the trip – please!

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