Join in on Twitter #gvhride

It would be great to create a buzz about The Graham Homes Memorial Ride over on twitter.  

We don’t have a special Memorial Ride twitter account but several of us going have our own accounts and have started to use the hashtag #gvhride so we can link up everything that is being said.

Tweet and Search #gvhride on Twitter

From now on any information, news and photographs related to the ride will use that hashtag.

But it goes both ways… if you tweet anything to do with the Memorial Ride, please use hashtag #gvhride so we can see what you’re saying too. It would be awesome to get some proper reach for our story, and it’ll give us something to read at the end of each long day! (It also means that you’ll see more than just my face in the feed!)

You will be able to see tweets including our hashtag the on the right hand side of this blog, and also if you search #gvhride over on twitter.

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