Day One – Boston to Reading via Ness Point

The Memorial Ride began this morning with an absolutely awesome send off from outside Boston Salvation Army hall. We arrived to about 30 people, family and friends, gathered which was really lovely – thanks everyone!

Our first stop (apart from a lay by on the A47 for a bit of a stretch) was Ness Point in Lowestoft – the most easterly point of mainland Great Britain. That’s the first quarter of the challenge complete then! Thanks Lou for meeting us there and taking some photos of us.

From Lowestoft we headed towards Ipswich on the A12, stopping at the farmcafe at Marlesford where we had some rather elaborate sandwiches. I hope we find lunch stops like that everyday this week! Then back on the bikes and to London – oh we really hate riding in London! The North Circular was so busy and our clutch hands were definitely complaining about taking a long time to go not very far by the time we reached Ace Cafe. It was nice to meet Allister’s Uncle Tony who’d ridden from Southend on his Goldwing to meet us.

Straight back into the London traffic, courtesy of the Champions League football. I don’t know much about football but I’m told there wasn’t even an English team playing… Oh well! From there out to Reading for our first overnight stop of the week – a very welcome sight.

And yes, I remember how tiring riding all day is, especially in traffic. But it’s all worth it. And it’s even been sunny!

Mileage so far – 278.9
Compass points done – 1/4


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