Meet the Bunnies

I thought that I couldn’t really start writing regular posts on my blog without first introducing you to the smallest members of my family – they are, after all, bound to be mentioned a lot as time goes on.

Chocolate and Ginger are my two mini lop does. They live in my garden in their mansion hutch and run, only being shut up into their bedroom at night when we have weather like we’re currently having to protect them as much as possible from the cold. They love to run about in the garden when they can particularly when they’re allowed to eat whatever green stuff they come across.  They are fantastic bunnies, so very cute, each with their own little personalities.

Ginger, September 2009

Ginger is a gorgeous little bunny, and knows it – she spends a lot of time grooming herself and making herself look perfect before snuggling up for a snooze.  Chocolate, on the other hand, is much less worried about how clean and beautiful she is and is more interested in what everything is and tastes like.

Chocolate, September 2009

I have recently entered the above two photographs into a “pet portrait” competition being run by Art by Karie The winner receives a portrait of their pet, which would be a lovely thing to have. So if you have a couple of minutes maybe you could vote for one or both of my bunnies? The full gallery is here – my bunnies are entries number 12 and 13. To vote simply comment on the relevant post saying “vote”:

Vote for Ginger Here | Vote for Chocolate Here

Apparently the winner of the last competition run on this website had over 1500 votes so it’s a long shot but it’s always worth a try, right?! The closing date for votes isn’t until July so there is plenty of time. If you do vote thank you very much!

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