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Chocolate and Ginger were two very lucky bunnies when Monster Pet Supplies sent them a box of goodies to test out for Splodz Blogz. They’re not used to getting their own post and weren’t quite sure what to do with it… so they asked me to open it and let them have the contents little by little over a few weeks.

The box contained some food, treats and bedding for them to review…

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food

Rabbits are naturally selective feeders – even Chocolate and Ginger will admit to eating the bits they like best first, and leaving the bits they don’t like and not bothering, rather waiting for their human slave to give them more of the bits they like best. My bunnies don’t get much chance to be selective with anything other than treats though, because I feed them a pellet based food rather than a muesli for their main meal. Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food is an example of a pellet based food, and one that Chocolate and Ginger very much enjoyed. The pellets are quite large which gave them something to chew on properly, and they contain all the natural ingredients they need to sustain them and keep their digestive system happy – when served alongside mountains of hay of course. I can never see what it is my bunnies like so much about the pellets I feed them at 6pm every day, but they sit next to their bowl waiting eagerly for me to fill it up, and can’t even wait for the bowl to be fully on the floor before they start gobbling them up. It might look dull and tasteless, but I can assure you it’s gourmet to rabbits!

Supreme Tumble Fresh Bedding

Tumble Fresh bedding is an ultra-absorbent bedding for all small animals made from surplus virgin wood pulp. This means that no trees are cut down in order to make this product – it uses waste material.

I have always used wood shavings for the rabbits bedding and litter tray, along with straw and hay. I’ve never considered purchasing a separate bedding material, but the bunnies seemed to like me using the Supreme Tumble Fresh in their litter tray and underneath their hay.  One thing I did notice was that it was much easier to clean up than woodshavings from their litter tray. I would definitely consider buying this again, it had a noticeable difference and made my life easier, which can only be a good thing!

Supreme Treats

Chocolate and Ginger are rather partial to a treat or two. They get fresh things in the morning, pellet food in the evening, but if they are good bunnies they might also get something to chew on or crunch on. Monster Pet Supplies sent two sorts of treat for them to try – some carrot and parsnip shapes, and some fruit donuts, both colourful crunchy treats.

While the fruit doughnut shapes got the brush off, both Chocolate and Ginger really loved the carrot and parsnip crunchers. A slightly damp Chocolate happily munched on one the other day after I brought her and Ginger in to be towel dried after they decided it was more fun sitting out in the rain than hiding inside like they normally do. I will definitely continue to buy those – bunnies like to crunch on things and the taste was obviously excellent as Chocolate continued to nibble at my fingers after she’d finished hers as if to say “more please”. I would never give them these things every day but it’s nice to give them something different occasionally. Sadly the donuts just don’t get eaten when I offer them – do I have fussy bunnies?!

Check out the Monster Pet Supplies website for more details on each of these products.

Disclaimer: I (well, my bunnies) was sent a box goodies by Monster Pet Supplies so I (they) could test and review them. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result. (Chocolate and Ginger and I must apologise to Monster for taking so long putting this review on Splodz Blogz… sorry!)


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