I’m a mypure Blogger!

I am very pleased to announce that I have been designated a “mypure blogger”!

Basically this means that I will be sent beauty products to test and review on Splodz Blogz about once a month.  This month I am expecting three products – a facial serum, a facial mist and some shampoo.

Screenshot of the mypure home page

mypure says this about themselves:

The basic principle behind mypure is that cosmetics, toiletries and home cleaning products made from natural & organic ingredients are easier on our bodies and less likely to cause problems like allergic reactions and skin sensitivity. Products made from natural ingredients are less polluting during manufacture and they biodegrade quickly after use. Great for you, even better for earth. . . Of course, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, NONE of the products stocked at mypure have been tested on animals.

You can read more about mypure on their website:

As you know from other reviews on Splodz Blogz, I test products as fully as I can and my blog posts always include photographs!  I will do my best testing these products and hope you enjoy reading them – the first reviews should be on here within the next few weeks.  The mypure ethos certainly appeals, and I hope that amongst the products I test there will be a number I will be able to recommend to all of you.

In the mean time, I have five products from American Soda ( to review – I tried the last one with dinner yesterday evening so that review will be coming within the next two or three days.

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