mypure Review – Gwdihw (Goody Hoo)

This month I chose to test a new range to the mypure site.

Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) balms and soothers are Welsh (I hope you could tell that from the name anyway).  The range is handmade balms and soothers with locally grown herbs to infuse them.  Each balm has been signed to specifically treat or sooth a problem area, and are designed to provide a little lift for those wanting to use natural remedies.

First Aid Balm

“Use on insect bites, burns, cuts, scrapes and bruises to ease pain and discomfort.”

Without any bites or stings or sun burn (!) over the last couple of weeks I’ve not been able to test this on those, but I have been using on bruises (I always have several) and patches of dry skin.  I really like it – it soothes without stinging (although don’t use this on proper burns of course) and isn’t greasy.  I found it helped the area around my finger nails (I have a really horrible habit of biting the skin, sorry about that!) to soften up and made my hands look better.

Containing coconut and olive oils, beeswax, camfrey, calendua, tea tree oil and witch hazel oil, this is a fairly solid product the consistency of lip balm.  This means you can only apply a small amount at a time, but you only need a little for the soothing properties to work.  The little jar is just right to keep in my handbag, and will last ages.

£4.49 for a 25g tin.

Muscle Soother

“A cooling herbal formulation to relieve aches, pains and stiffness of muscles and joints.”

I first used this after an hour long session on the exercise bike.  It was a gentle ride but my legs aren’t used to working for so long so they were understandably tired after.  I bathed and then used this on my knees and calf muscles. My first thought – wow – cold!  It really is cooling!  I’ve used the heat sprays and creams on tired legs before, but never a cooling balm.  It cooled my muscles as much as Deep Heat would make them go red and warm.

Arnica oil, menthol, camphor and witch hazel give the soothing and cooling properties – and the scent.  It smells clean, fresh, bright, and is quite invigorating after a session in the gym.  The menthol really comes through, it fills the room in fact – some people might find it too strong but I liked it.

£10.95 for a 250ml pump bottle.

I think these two products are great.  They work, smell lovely, are British, and look fun and funky too.  You can see the full Gwdihw range on the mypure website – there are a number of little gift sets which would make really fantastic Christmas gift.

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