mypure Review – Lip Salve

For my latest mypure review I chose to order a couple of lip salves from two different brands available on the site – Gwdihw and Barefoot Botanicals.

Gwdihw Vanilla Smoochy Lips Balm

This small tin of lip balm has a really sweet vanilla scent that is good enough eat. (Please note: I did not eat it!) It is a solid balm but rubbing your finger across the surface a few times picks up enough to coat your lips.  I’ve had my tin a few weeks and it still seems like I’ve not used much, so the £4.49 it costs to buy is well worth it.

I like tins of lip balm, they look nice sat on a desk or next to the bed. They also make lovely gifts don’t they – and the cute Gwdihw packaging helps with that too. A lip balm I definitely recommend treating yourself or someone else to.

Find it on the mypure website:

Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Smooth

This penetrating lip balm uses rosa mosqueta and jojoba balm to do the work, and is fragranced with sweet rose and spicy cardomom. A much more liquid lip salve than the tin of Gwdihw, this one comes in a tube with an applicator at the end to help spread it over the lips.

It is actually quite lovely. The scent is very pleasant and the effect is almost like a lip gloss but without being at all sticky. At £12.95 it is more of a luxury product, but it’s got me hooked. One to keep in your handbag.

Find it on the mypure website:

Disclaimer: I am part of the mypure blogging scheme which means I can choose a couple of products each month to try for free. I pay the postage, which mypure donates to charity. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result. 
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