Twinings 2012 Commemorative Tea

2012 has already been a very important year for us Brits. Not only are we celebrating our Queen’s Jubilee year, but we are also hosting the Olympics. And what could be more British than some fine loose leaf tea in a special commemorative tin? Oh go on then…

The thing about loose leaf tea is, well, it is much nicer than using tea bags. Tea bags are fantasticly convenient and mean you can make one mug at a time, and they are obviously what I use more often than not. But loose leaf tea somehow has more charm, is more relaxing – you make a whole pot and sit and drink it over the course of an hour or two. Loose leaf tea is the reason I own a teapot – one with a strainer built in.

Twinings sent me their English Breakfast loose tea in their limited edition 2012 commemorative tin. It’s a lovely little tin with 100g of the tea inside that can of course be refilled.

I used three heaped teaspoons of the tea to make a pot – about four large cups – of tea. It took about 4/5 minutes to brew to the strength I like. And it was really lovely, a good quality tea that made a good quality cuppa.

There are three tins in the set – red (Earl Grey), white (English breakfast)and blue (Lady Grey). Of course they are red, white and blue, you didn’t expect anything else did you?!

At £5 each they make really lovely gifts – take one round instead of chocolates next time you visit a friend, then spend the afternoon drinking it without feeling guilty of all the calories the other option would have meant!

Find the tins on the Twinings website along with other tea gifts.

Disclaimer: I received a tin of Twinings tea so that I could write about it here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result. 
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