Review: Mother’s Day Gift from Twinings

It goes without saying that I will not be receiving any gifts for Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday coming – 10th March – just in case you’re not organised yet)… the fact that I am not a mother explains that completely. So when Twinings sent me one of their Mother’s Day gifts I was totally honoured, how lovely.

The gift was a lovely globe teapot from The London Pottery Company Limited along with a tin of Twinings Summer Fruits Infusion Black Tea to go with it. Very girly and pink; the two things together would make a lovely mother’s day tea gift.

The tea pot, apart from being a very delicate baby pink colour – I prefer my colours, well, less pink – is really lovely. I adore the ball shape; it’s perfectly formed. And it has a proper long spout and so, most importantly for a teapot, pours really well with no dripping or leakage. This is the 1.1litre version and so it is big enough for four big cups of tea.

The tea is… well interesting. It is a black tea infused with summer fruits – not a fruit tea – and so when brewed it’s black not red. It is infused with pieces of strawberry and orange along with a sprinkling of rose and marigold petals. It is delicate but vibrant at the same time. It has a lovely aroma to it but is nowhere near as strong as green or fruit teas. Don’t be fooled though, it should never ever be taken without milk – believe me (please believe me) when I say adding milk to this tea only ruins it!

To be fair this isn’t really my thing. I do enjoy a fragrant black tea – I love Earl Grey and very much enjoy Cardamom tea. And while I am getting used to this after a few cups, it’s not going to be one I reach for regularly. It all depends on what you like; I’ve already found a couple of colleagues who thoroughly enjoy this tea. It’s one to try – make sure you brew it for a good three or four minutes, and drink it as it’s cooling down. It is definitely refreshing.

These lovely tins of individually wrapped black teas, which make a great gift on their own, are available in a couple of other flavours too. I quite fancy the Delicate Early Grey.

Thank you Twinings for my gorgeous Mother’s Day gift. You can buy both the teapot and the tea from the Twinings Shop.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Mother’s Day gift by Twinings to review here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.
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