Whisby Photography Walk

This evening I took part in a photography walk at Whisby Nature Reserve near Lincoln. It was a very informal affair with ArtsNK Photographer Jane Harrison – not a lesson, just a chance to get together with other local people who like taking pictures.

We had all kinds of different camera kits – I took my Nikon DSLR along, I’ve not used it for a little while and it showed as I screwed my face up trying to remember how to make it do what I wanted! Anyway, here are some of my shot – some improvement definitely needed (frustrating as I always do this – get really into it, learn loads, improve, stop practising, forget everything!) but I like them. Looking forward to the next one.

P.S I’d like a Macro lens (please). My old DSLR lenses had macro but we sold those to buy a new camera (we changed mounts) and I miss them. Any suggestions for a not-too-costly-but-decent one for my Nikon D3100?

As always with my photos I am flattered if you like them, but please don’t use them without asking first. Thanks.

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