Whisby Photography Walk

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This evening I took part in a photography walk at Whisby Nature Reserve near Lincoln. It was a very informal affair with ArtsNK Photographer Jane Harrison – not a lesson, just a chance to get together with other local people who like taking pictures.

We had all kinds of different camera kits – I took my Nikon DSLR along, I’ve not used it for a little while and it showed as I screwed my face up trying to remember how to make it do what I wanted! Anyway, here are some of my shot – some improvement definitely needed (frustrating as I always do this – get really into it, learn loads, improve, stop practising, forget everything!) but I like them. Looking forward to the next one.

Across one of the lakes at Whisby Nature Reserve

Silver Birch (can you see the face?!)

Fluffy thistle


Fluffy thistle

Whisby Nature Reserve

P.S I’d like a Macro lens (please). My old DSLR lenses had macro but we sold those to buy a new camera (we changed mounts) and I miss them. Any suggestions for a not-too-costly-but-decent one for my Nikon D3100?

As always with my photos I am flattered if you like them, but please don’t use them without asking first. Thanks.

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