Review: New Limited Edition Pringles

I have the pleasure of working with lots of brands and organisations through Splodz Blogz, and every now and again a PR company will do something that really makes me smile. Earlier in the week I received a package that did just that – made me smile, made me sit up and notice, made me make a note of their details in my address book…

Apart from giving a lesson in how to impress this blogger (it’s very easy, really!), the point of this lovely parcel was of course to encourage me to share my thoughts about the brand new limited edition Pringles. My parcel contained a (personalised) tube of Mint Chocolate Pringles and one of Sweet Cinnamon Pringles. That’s right; sweet crisps.

I’ve heard that chocolate crisps are rather tasty things to snack on. But from what I understand, those are crisps coated in chocolate rather than being chocolate flavoured. I like salted caramel, and am not averse to the idea of mixing savoury and sweet snacks, so I was quite intrigued.

Once you pop open the tube you can definitely smell that these are going to be sweet. I tried the cinnamon ones first and I got the unmistaken whiff of the spice when I took the foil from the tube. I was quite hesitant because I enjoy Pringles and I didn’t want this weirdness to ruin them for me, but actually these are really very nice and as moreish as you might expect. What you have is a normal Pringle with a sweet cinnamon flavour coating.

You should have seen LincsGeek’s face when he tried the Mint Chocolate ones! No actual chocolate in sight, just a mint chocolate flavouring coating the crisps. Again, the smell as you open the tube does tell you that these are not your standard Pringles, but this time it didn’t ready my taste buds for what I was about to eat. They are, well, quite different. They are more minty than chocolaty – a fresh but sweet flavour with a chocolate background. The jury is out; I am just not sure if I like them. They aren’t disgusting (even LincsGeek went back for more), but they are very unusual.

You should start to see the new limited edition sweet Pringles in the shops from this weekend. Definitely worth trying, just don’t put them in your cheese sandwich.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the new Pringles before and after you try them… will you even be trying them?! Comment below.

Disclaimer: I received some free Pringles so I could let you know about their new flavours.
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