#BEDN 5 > Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November… you all know the rhyme. The notes with today’s subject tell us to share what we are doing this evening for Guy Fawkes night. Well to be honest my main job this evening will be to finish packing my suitcase as we’re off to the airport straight from work tomorrow (yay for holidays!), and delivering the bunnies to their holiday home.

The problem with Bonfire Night, and I love good bonfire, is the fireworks. For any pet owner it is a night (and the two weekends either side) where we have to be extra good to our animals to protect them from the noise. Chocolate and Ginger live out in the garden, but on Bonfire Night they get to hop around the spare room, or sometimes the kitchen and hallway, to escape the bangs and pops. I don’t blame them for being scared – to be honest I don’t like all the explosions either.

I hope if you’ve got animals at home that they aren’t too terrorised by all the noise. And if you’re spending the evening sat around a warm fire with sausages, jacket potatoes and smores, then I’m just a teeny bit jealous!

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