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What is a typical Friday like for you? Is it a normal working day involving an early alarm call? Do you have a Friday lunch time routine that is different to any other day of the week? Maybe it’s pub-straight-from-the-office day? Today’s prompt asks BEDN bloggers to share what a day in our life is like.

Any normal Friday for me begins with my pre-6am alarm, some tidying and sorting out, giving the bunnies a bit of attention, cycling (weather permitting!) to work, a day in the office with a slightly early finish of 4pm, cycling home, a soak in the bath, giving the bunnies some more attention (and some food!), cooking and eating dinner, and then watching the television or blogging or playing games until bed time. Pretty mundane huh?!

This particular Friday [last Friday, that is – see footnote] has been very different, though. So instead of a normal day in the life of me, here’s a day in the life of a tourist on their first trip to New York. It was actually our first day full in the Big Apple, and I think we crammed rather a lot in… Here are some photos from my iPhone.

As you will notice I didn’t get these posted while I was away, but I promise I at least prepared them on the right days! You’ll get the missing BEDN posts over the next few days; I’ll try to keep them in the right order for you.

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