Ever need inspiration for a road trip, day out, or even a whole holiday? These three maps from Marvellous Maps will have you covered for the whole of the coming year and probably the rest of your life – literally thousands of ideas of things to do and places to visit. You know I’m a fan of maps, anyway, but these are different; they’re a nice coffee table addition for any person or family looking to learn something new or motivate themselves a little bit.

The Great British Adventure Map

I rave about the Great British Adventure Map regularly (read my original review here), it really is a very cool map. In the Ordnance Survey folded map style (and using their mapping), it is basically a map of Great Britain absolutely jam packed full of places to go and things to do. It’s had a bit of an update since I got my original copy, but it’s still the same great inspirational map that would make a great gift for pretty much anyone living in the UK.

There is just so much outdoorsy stuff to do here; we have superb coastline, idyllic islands, luscious landscapes and incredible views, and some of that will be right on your own doorstep, guaranteed – this map shows you where. Having moved to a new county this year, I’ve had my magnifying glass and have been making a list of everything within “Saturday distance” and have started making my way through it.

Around the map you’ll find lists (and lists) of beaches, long-distance routes, wild places, waterways, and mountains to keep you busy. There is even a list of notable feats and random journeys starring at least one of my fellow GetOutside Champions – you never know, maybe I’ll make it into the list one day?!

Buy yours from Marvellous Maps direct, from amazon, or from Ordnance Survey. Framed versions also available.

The Great British Music Map

On a similar vein to the Adventure Map, this Ordnance Survey style map of Great Britain is covered in festivals, live music venues, places celebrated in song, and a whole host of trivia. Britain really does have the upper hand when it comes to music both ancient and modern, and if you enjoy music, or know someone who does, this is such an interesting gift.

There’s even a unique road trip marked through Britain’s top 50 music locations (and the perfect playlist to go with it), which might have to be the theme of a Splodz motorcycle tour at some point (after I’ve done my “best fish finger sandwiches in Great Britain” tour, that is).

And I have to admit I’m rather pleased that On Ilkla Moo Baht ‘at has a special mention – Yorkshire’s unofficial anthem and the best campfire song around.

Buy yours from Marvellous Maps direct, from amazon, or from Ordnance Survey. Framed versions also available.

Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names

Did you know there are hundreds of Bottoms in Great Britain? We have Happy Bottom in Dorset, Slap Bottom in Hampshire, Rotten Bottom in Dumfriesshire. And did you know that Wales is full of Pants? This map, subtitled the “funniest map of Britain”, made me giggle a little bit too much.

It is crammed full of 2,000 or more genuine places with funny, rude and delightfully odd names. Have you ever even owned a map if you haven’t searched for and then visited silly place names? This is why geography teachers do what they do…

But it’s not just about the smut… there is indeed plenty of that (so maybe don’t leave it around if your kids have just learnt to read), but there are also some wonderfully weird place names that will simply make you smile. Seething in Norfolk, Wigtwizzle in South Yorkshire, Shufflesheeps in West Sussex and Witts End in Bedfordshire. And did you know there really are roads called Memory Lane, Letsby Avenue and Quality Street?! Love it!

The question is, should I arrange to do the suggested road trip taking in their favourite place names? Maybe after I’ve done the music one I should get onto organising this one!

Buy yours from Marvellous Maps direct, from amazon, or from Ordnance Survey. Framed versions also available.

These three maps from Marvellous Maps really would make a great gift for anyone looking to fill their 2019 with road trips, days out and outdoor adventures here in Great Britain. Having had each one on my own coffee table, I can confirm that they are rammed full of suggestions and stimulation, and you won’t fail to be interested and inspired by them.

Each map folds out to 100cm x 90cm (ish) and is double sided – and the writing is really tiny, you really are getting a book-full of information in these paper maps. RRP is £14.99 each but you’ll regularly find them on offer.

Not a sponsored post. Just Marvellous Maps that deserved space here on Splodz Blogz. Some links are affiliate links.

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