Life is all about the journey. The outdoors, road trips, travel, adventure, bucket list, normal life.

Splodz Blogz | Silly Trig Selfie on New Year's Day
Life is better when it’s a bit silly.

What started off as a simple bucket list has become a desire to get out and make the most of life.

I want to inspire you to make the most of your time, by encouraging you to try new things and have a good time on your journey. Splodz Blogz is about demonstrating how that is possible, documenting the things I get up to in-between the daily commitments.

I write about real-life experiences in a personal and honest way, with a hint of analysis and motivation thrown in for good measure.

Splodz Blogz | Motorcycling in Iceland
Motorcycling in Iceland.

About Me

Having fun outdoors is what make me most happy. Telling stories about that fun comes a very close second. That’s why I’m here.

I am a hiker, an adventure motorcyclist, a road trip lover, and someone who enjoys trying all kinds of outdoor activities (some only once…).

I consider myself very normal when it comes to adventure; everything I do has to fit in with normal life.

I’ve had some big(ish) adventures on foot and on the road, such as hiking the UK Coast to Coast and touring North America by bike. But generally, my time is spent on much smaller and more accessible adventures.

I was once told by someone I looked up to that you can’t have adventure unless you take yourself off to the wilderness with no access to help or support. I’ve spent a lot of time since then trying to show that is nonsense – adventure is personal, it is what you make it, and we can all have it.

Splodz Blogz | Coast to Coast Hike - In the Irish Sea
Dipping my toes in the sea at the start of my coast to coast hike.

Passions and Projects

I hiked the UK Coast to Coast in October 2021, and am currently publishing an Adventure Journal series. Start with this post featuring day zero to read the full story.

I am proud Ordnance Survey Champion (since January 2017), flying the flag for the everyday adventurer, the person who likes to fit in time outside in-between the day job.

My One Hour Outside project is one of the reasons I was chosen, encouraging people to spend at least one hour outside every single day. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort, and can make a huge difference to our body, mind and soul.

I am co-founder of Outdoor Bloggers, a network for fellow bloggers who love to get outside and then create content about it.

If you want one thing that sums me up as an outdoors woman, you need to see my GetOutside Activity Challenge… 71 activities in 48 hours to celebrate National GetOutside Day in 2019. 

Splodz Blogz | Zoe on Cleeve Hill
Taking a seat.

Away from Splodz Blogz

I was featured walking the West Highland Way with Julia Bradbury on ITV’s Britain’s 100 Favourite Walks.

I have written for The Great Outdoors and Simply Hike, and was featured on Thryve as one of their Everyday Adventurers.

I’ve given talks on my love of road trips at CarFest, and recently on how to squeeze in adventure into a normal life at an International Women’s Day event run by Adventure Queens and Love Her Wild. 

Splodz Blogz | St Catherine's Hill, Winchester
Hunting for Winnie the Pooh…

Work with Me

I enjoy getting involved with brands and organisations, especially if you can help me have fun outdoors and encourage others to do the same.

All posts on Splodz Blogz (including reviews and collaborations) are written from my real-life experience, and include my personal thoughts and opinions. Generally speaking, all posts are themed around having mini and everyday adventures and making the most of life.

I am available for trips, visits, collaborations and partnership opportunities with relevant companies and organisations. If you would like articles, a guest blogger, an interview, a speaker, or if you have another interesting project on the cards, please get in touch so we can discuss what might be possible.

If you’d like to receive a copy of my media pack, please just ask, I’m very happy to send it out.

Splodz Blogz | On Top of the Malverns
Holding on!

If there is something you want to know about me or any of the activities I get up to, then please ask. You can find me via email or over on twitter, facebook and Instagram.