Target Met! And More to Come…?

It’s a few weeks since we embarked on our little motorcycle trip around Great Britain, and we are incredibly happy to announce that we have met our fundraising target!

That’s right – our total currently stands at £2,628.09, which means we know we will be able to send £1,314 and a few pennies each to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. At least.

I say at least because there are still a few people left to give us their promised donations – and of course there is still time to donate yourselves too. A friend has also organised a coffee morning with her friends that will add even more.

At our final compass point - Dunnet Head, Scotland

Thank you ever-so-much to every one of you who has supported us and donated money in memory of Graham. It means a lot that you all took our little challenge seriously and did your bit to help us raise a decent sum.

If you would like to donate the easiest way is on our online fundraising page, or contact us if you would like to donate in a different way.

The bikes in very rural Scotland

PS I haven’t had time to finish sorting out the photos from the trip yet, but as soon as I do there will be more updates on here, so keep following!

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