My Road Trip Wash Kit

I was going to make this a part of my “travelling light” series, but realised that while I have been quite limited with the stuff I’ve packed for this trip, I’m not really travelling light when it comes to my wash kit. So instead this will just be a #Zartusacan preparation post, which you seem

On Having Fickle Skin. Review: Avène Cleanance

My skin sits at the top of the list of things about me I hate. It’s horrible. And so you’ll forgive me for a random beauty product post on my otherwise now-focussed-on-the-outdoors blog; but when it comes to sorting my complexion out I need all the help I can get. Like so many people, my

{ Sunday Soliloquy } Like a Soaking Wet Tea Towel

When we bought our first house, 12 years ago or so, there was a hole in kitchen that cried out for a dishwasher. Oh yes. This luxury white appliance changed our evenings forever – no more filling and re-filling the washing up bowl with hot soapy water to get everything clean after dinner; we could just

Review: Vanish Oxi Action Powder

I’m clumsy. And messy. There aren’t many ladylike bones in my body. And so when it comes to my clothes, they generally get dirty very quickly. Especially the light coloured ones. I’m talking spaghetti bolognaise splatters, pen marks, tea splashes, you know the sort of thing. Obviously I get these things on my clothes when

Review: Kipling Alvar Shoulder Bag

In my family I am the shoes girl and my sister is the bags girl. I do have a selection of bags to choose from, but I have always gone for functional and even utilitarian over pretty and girly. This Kipling Alvar Shoulder Bag seemed the ideal choice when Bagable asked me to choose something

Review: John Frieda Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

The other day a friend commented on my hair – she asked if I’d had it dyed, saying it looked lighter and brighter. I thanked her and explained that no, I haven’t had my hair done for a very long time, but I had started using a new shampoo and conditioner that is designed to

Refresh Your Hair Without Water – Batiste

Regular readers of Splodz Blogz will know I like and use Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’ve reviewed several of the fragrances. They have recently sent me a can of their Fresh version, which has been designed as a unisex fragrance. Dry shampoo is designed to refresh and revitalise greasy, dull, lifeless hair. It helps make your

Dermalogica Power Duo Exfoliation Kit

A few days ago I reviewed the Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream here on Splodz Blogz – I’ve also been testing the “Power Duo” Exfoliation Kit by Dermalogica recently, also sent to me by John and Ginger Beauty. This limited edition twin pack of Dermalogica exfoliation products is designed to give you the best of daily and

mypure Review – A'Kin Hand Wash

This month I have been testing two hand washes for mypure – the A’kin Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash and the A’kin Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Hand Wash. These are both Australian Native Rainforest Botanics products, with natural oils chosen to cleanse and care for your hands. Lemon Myrtle Oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties

Visionary Soap

Did you know that the minimum requirement for soap to be certified as Fairtrade is just 2% of the ingredients? Soaps from The Visionary Soap Company contain a minimum of 60% fairtrade ingredients, which makes them a great choice if you are wanting to do your bit to help those in developing countries all over the

mypure Review – Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

One of the two products I’ve been testing this month for mypure is the new Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel. I chose the coconut version of the three on offer because it’s a scent I usually like very much. http://www.mypure.co.uk/lovea-bio-b136/coconut-shower-gel-p1467 £4.99 / 200ml As with all Lovea products, the Coconut Shower Gel is a certified

Colour Catcher – Cheap Socks vs Plain White T

Washing… one of those chores that if you’re not concentrating 100% when you’re doing it, it can all go horribly wrong. Thankfully I have never mistakenly put a pink sock into a white wash, or a white t shirt into a dark wash.  So far anyway.  The problem, though, with splitting everything into washes with