Dermalogica Power Duo Exfoliation Kit

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A few days ago I reviewed the Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream here on Splodz Blogz – I’ve also been testing the “Power Duo” Exfoliation Kit by Dermalogica recently, also sent to me by John and Ginger Beauty.

Dermalogica Power Duo from John and Ginger

This limited edition twin pack of Dermalogica exfoliation products is designed to give you the best of daily and occasional exfoliation products.

The Daily Microfoliant is just that – a daily use product that gently lifts surface debris (I hate that phrase – “surface debris” – makes my face sound like a building site!) to give you brighter skin.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Powder

It’s a bit of an odd product in my opinion – not a cream or a lotion or a gel but a powder. You sprinkle some of the powder into your hands and once it’s mixed with water it turns into a cream. My sister, who also trialled this with me, said “odd but nice” and I’d agree with her totally on that. We both used too much the first time and ended up having to rinse over and over again (oops), but once we got the quantity right (you only need a little bit – this isn’t a cleanser you do this after cleansing) it felt nice on the face and rinsed off easily. This product hasn’t helped my spot prone skin (I’ve still got as many spots as ever) but it does make my skin feel nice and smooth and like all that “debris” is gone. Yes, odd, but nice.

The other product is the Gentle Cream Exfoliant, which is a once or twice weekly product. I assumed I was supposed to use this instead of the Microfoliant product, and so that’s what I did. A more traditional exfoliation product, I found this easiest to use in the shower where it’s dead easy to rinse it off. I liked this creamy face product, I did feel it was doing my face good.

John and Ginger Beauty currently have this twin pack of products for £12.50.

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