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Ok so tonight I have an unexpected night in so I thought I would get on and do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – set up a personal blog. I have blogged before but it has been for specific things, such as the Top Down Motorcycle Ride I took part in to raise money for charity in July 2009 (, but this will be a more personal journey-type blog including random diary entries, articles, reviews and photos.

I must say thank you to a couple of friends Kelly and Ross for helping me name my new blog.

I am going to try and update at least once a week if not more often… I’m doing a couple of personal challenges at the moment which will probably be the topic of most of what I write at least to start with, I’m also looking for stuff to review such as books and products but that’ll probably come a bit later once my blog is more established. Hopefully anyway! So come back soon and see what I’ve got up to!

Playing Guitar Hero
Playing Guitar Hero

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