Year in Photos (15 Jan 2010)

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Meet Panda Teddy, he’s as old as I am.

Actually I have to admit to teddy cruelty… I’ve just been and fetched him out of the loft following a suggestion from a friend that he should be my photo of the day (thanks Kim!). He was put in there when we moved in nearly seven years ago. The shame.

But before that he always had pride of place on my bed.  He is definitely my favourite teddy, the one that has been with me everywhere.

I have a couple of very strong memories of Panda Teddy.

The first is when we were travelling in the car – mum and dad in the front, my sister and I in the back. We were quite young and possibly camping at the time, maybe even on our way to the site I’m not sure. But anyway, Veronica and I were playing catch with Panda Teddy and all of a sudden one of us missed and he went flying out of the car window onto the verge.  We obviously had to stop and find him – I couldn’t leave him behind!

The second was when I had my last eye operation. I was eight years old and was in Plymouth Royal Eye Infirmary – my first at that hospital since we moved too far from Moorfields in London where I had been going until then. I remember wanting to hold onto Panda as I was taken into Theatre (he had to be washed before I went into hospital, I remember they were the only times he went into the washing machine). Unfortunately the drugs didn’t quite last long enough and I woke up earlier than the doctors were expecting – the first thing I noticed was Panda Teddy on the chair on the other side of the room – I screamed so much mum could hear me from the other end of the corridor.

Obviously these are two childhood memories are from years ago and so some of the details are sketchy!

So here is Panda Teddy, please say hello!

Friday 15th January 2010
Friday 15th January 2010

15/01/10: Meet Panda Teddy, he’s as old as me.

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