Year in Photos (26 Jan 2010)

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One thing I promised myself when I took this week off work was that I would give my body a kick up the bum and really get on with some exercise and healthy eating.

And thanks to my friend Corrine, who gave me two three-day free passes for our local gym she got when she joined, it’s so far so good!

Yesterday I went for cardio and did a quick warm up on the rower (is it wrong to enjoy using that machine?!) followed by an hour on the treadmill. I started at 8.5km/h but my body hated me for it after 20 minutes so I went down to a fast walk for 10 minutes before doing intervals for the second half, finishing on a massive 11km/h which totally killed me! Did 7.8km in total which was ok. Not quite where I need to be to do the 10k in an hour but at least it’s a good start.

Today I went for a swim. If ever I join a gym like the one I’m able to use this week it’ll be the pool I use more than anything. I love the water. I always used to be a very strong swimmer and I totally love water sports, but it’s been so long since I’ve done lengths in a pool that it was hard work. But it was good and I enjoyed it.

So I’ve got four days left on the passes – my plan is to do two more cardio sessions and two more swims… I just hope I don’t lose my motivation mid-week because that’s what normally happens.  And hopefully this will give me the kick start I need to reach my goal of the 10k in 1 hour at the end of March.

Tuesday 26th January 2010
Tuesday 26th January 2010

26/01/10: Harpers Gym in Sleaford

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