Year in Photos (27 Jan 2010)

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Ok so my running shoes feature again today…

I have now used up my first 3-day gym pass – I used the gym on Monday, went swimming yesterday, and used the gym again today.

Today after my warm up I managed 8.2km in the hour, which was more than Monday so I was happy with that. Although it really hurt and was a massive battle with my head to keep going and actually finish the hour. When I’m on the treadmill and I can see the time/distance counting away there gets a point in the middle that I find particularly difficult. When I’m running outside I don’t get that as much as I have no choice but to carry on – it’s quicker to get home by carrying on than turning around and going back. Although I know that running on a treadmill is easier on the muscles than on the road.

Still a long way to go before I can safely say I’ll be able to do the Lincoln 10k in 1 hour on 21st March but hopefully this is a good start.

Tomorrow is Thursday and a day off from the gym before I use my second 3-day pass on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s the plan anyway!

Oh and the other thing about these trainers is they were a Florida purchase back in 2005 so they have good memories in themselves. I’ve done every Lincoln 10k so far in them… well worn and very comfy.

Wednesday 27th January 2010
Wednesday 27th January 2010

27/01/10: These shoes were made for running.

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