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Back in 1999/2000 I had to do a short presentation in a group for one of my degree modules about putting people into groups and the way they communicate.  We chose to look at shoes… what do our shoes say about us as people, and can we be stereotyped/categorised by our choice of footware.

I remember our tutor wasn’t particularly impressed, feeling we didn’t really take the topic seriously. But I still believe now that he was wrong – our decisions on what to wear each day do say a lot about who we are and our attitude towards life.  And I am very pleased to read The You Code – Judi James and James Moore agree with me.

The You Code

Really I was always going to enjoy reading this book.  I have always been totally fascinated by our psychology, by our body language, and what our appearance and actions might secretly say about us. 

It’s basically a guide looking at specific aspects of body language and what they might say about us, what judgements people may make based on those actions, and what hidden meanings there might be to our habits.  Split into chapters including “How Choice and Taste Define You” and “Being Liked”, James and Moore discuss your image, behaviours, home, work life, how you see other people and how we can change the way people see us.

And of course the whole point of this book is for you to read it and make observations about yourself and your friends and family. It’s impossible to flick through the pages without thinking “oh that’s me” or “wow my sister is just like that”. So this is what I learnt about me… you can tell me if this is accurate or not!

  • As a latte drinker I am cosy, reliable and thorough who wants to turn danger into safety.
  • My blonde hair shows I retain a sense of childishness and adolescence.
  • My choice of shoes each day affects my self esteem.
  • The doodles I draw during meetings are visual proof of the inner workings of my mind.
  • The position of our PC at home suggests we accept authority readily and work too much.
  • Calling the toilet “the toilet” suggests I am open, honest and a bit bland.
  • My incredibly tidy work desk might suggest that while I have a logical approach to life, I live in fear that someone will eventually suss me out.
  • Preferring to eat at the kitchen table means I enjoy the company at dinner more than the food itself.
  • Keeping rabbits as pets is a “declaration of bonkers-ness” (yes it really says that!).
  • Keeping most of my shoes in shoe boxes shows I have a practical and artistic approach to life and that my day is likely to be planned but not regimented.

So there we have it – do you think that’s right?!

As far as the book goes it’s a very quick read but one that is quite interesting.  I remain fascinated by hidden meaning and still want to learn more.

I received my free copy of The You Code by Judi James and James Moore courtesy of Ebury Publishing and their Facebook Group (Ebury’s Free Book Group).

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