Year in Photos (31 Jan 2010)

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Enjoying tennis is something I’ve definitely got from my Mum – she absolutely loves it.  I would absolutely love to see a major final – preferably Wimbledon of course – but the telly is the closest I reckon I’ll get for the time being.

This morning I made sure I was downstairs and sat infront of the telly ready for Andy Murray to play Roger Federer in the Auzzie Open… a match which would turn out not to be very good for my heart, that third set was so very close. Felt really sorry for Murray, especially when he broke down in his speach – it was obvious he put everything he had into that match and was totally gutted it still wasn’t enough.

One day I’ll be able to treat my Mum and me to a couple of seats on Centre Court… wouldn’t that be fab?!

Sunday 31st January 2010
Sunday 31st January 2010

31/01/10: Come on Murray!

PS – I should add “woo” I’ve managed a whole month of this Year in Photos thing! I wonder what February’s pics will be like? More snow? Hopefully no more decorating. Maybe lots more Xbox games and bunnies! Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!

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  1. Gwen

    Zoe your blog makes fantastic reading you should write a goss column for paper xx

    • Splodz

      Ah thanks xx
      I column would be be fab… I had one once, not a gossip column but a “check it out” column for a local paper with a colleague. We played wheelchair tennis and went ballroom dancing for it, and my colleague got cut out of a car at the fire station. Was good fun!

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