Trip of My Dreams

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Ever since I was about eight I have wanted to ride a motorbike. And ever since I could ride a motorbike I have wanted to tour the USA on one.  And thankfully Allister is also as keen.

The dream is to ride through San Fransisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas – you know the sort of places, all around California and Arizona and so on… it would be such an amazing trip.

Ideally we want to do a trip as part of a group – make it a real adventure without the stress of organising bike hire, the route and the accommodation ourselves. That way we’d also get to meet other people at the same time too. There are loads of tours out there, but the one that really sticks out at the moment as covering where we want to go, and that is the Best of the West Tour run by Toursareus. I would of course want to ride a Harley.

The itinerary for that tour is like this:

Day 1 – San Francisco
Day 2 – San Francisco – Yosemite National Park
Day 3 – Buck Meadows – Sequoia National Park
Day 4 – Sequoia National Park – Lake Isabella
Day 5 – Lake Isabella – Death Valley
Day 6 – Death Valley – Grand Canyon
Day 7 – Grand Canyon Free Day
Day 8 – Grand Canyon – Blanding
Day 9 – Blanding – Bryce National Park
Day 10 – Bryce National Park – Las Vegas
Day 11 – Las Vegas – Bishop
Day 12 – Bishop – San Francisco
Day 13 – Home

The Harley I rode from John o'Groats to Land's End
The Harley I rode from John o’Groats to Land’s End

In 2011 the tour runs from 5th – 17th June and we want to go!  Only trouble is the money… the tour price is enough on its own but it doesn’t include flights, fuel or excursions.  We look every year and every year don’t have quite (or anywhere near) enough… now where is that money win I’ve been hoping for?!

One day. One day.

EDITED May 2011 to add:

The 2012 tour dates are now online… and still there isn’t enough in the pot… who’s gonna sponsor me to go?!  I’d give it a good write up on here!!

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