We've All Been Googled

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Books about businesses aren’t normally at the top of my reading list, however with Google being probably one of the most important companies in recent years and probably in the near future, this one does make a good read.

Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Kevin Auletta is a look back at the history of Google – how it started and how it became one of the world’s most used company names today (after all, we don’t search online any more, we “google”).

What I like about the way this book is written is that it isn’t just the story of Google from Google’s point of view.  Auletta spends time explaining the views of Google’s rivals too, which puts nicely into perspective how Google has changed the way people perceive and use the internet – and now other things too like phones.  He draws you in, making you want to know the secrets of this massive media company.

You don’t need to be a massive media or internet geek to understand Googled or to find it interesting… although those that fall into that category may potentially enjoy it more!  I would suggest this book might make a great addition to the reading list of Computing degree courses and will no doubt be quoted over and over again in assignments and thesis’ as the years go on.  It’s definitely worth a read.

I received my free copy of Googled by Ken Autella courtesy of @VirginBooks on Twitter.

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