Time to Give Up

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It’s Ash Wednesday, and so Lent starts today. So many people have been asking “What are you giving up?”.  Well… what are you giving up?

I know people who are giving up chocolate, wine, takeaways, puddings, cake… for me it’s gonna be sweets and chocolate bars (you know… mars bars, skittles, haribo – even Green and Blacks organic white chocolate) – help!


Lent, in Christian tradition, is a period of 40 days (Mondays to Saturdays) from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday.  It is a time when people prepare themselves for the Easter festival by giving up rich foods and luxuries and practising self-discipline.  It is 40 days to match the time Jesus spent alone in the desert without food being tempted by the devil.

So if you are giving up something for Lent, remember it starts today (16th February) and finishes on Saturday 3rd April (the day before Easter Saturday), and you can be let off on Sundays! 

Good luck with your giving up of luxuries if you are taking part in Lent this year – feel free to comment with what you are giving up and how it’s going!

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