Year in Photos (18 Feb 2010)

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I have spent the last two days in London doing part three of a course I’m doing through work.  I think this one was the most interesting for me yet, mainly because it really focussed on the psychology and how our minds work, a subject which I have previously mentioned as fascinating to me.

We spent the first day (18th February) at the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill.

It is right in amongst the lovely residential properties and little shops you find in Notting Hill (just around the corner from the famous travel bookshop with a blue door and one of the four Hummingbird Bakeries), a lovely part of London.  Only problem was none of the taxi drivers my fellow course-mates had knew where it was!  I thought they took exams on the strees of London?!  Pleased I got the tube and used my iPhone to give me directions on foot!

Thursday 18th February 2010
Thursday 18th February 2010

18/02/10: Museum of Brands, Notting Hill

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