Year in Photos (19 Feb 2010)

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Where is the best place to buy an umbrella for your husband?

The best umbrella shop in the world of course!

James Smith & Sons Umbrellas Ltd is on New Oxford Street in London and has been since 1830.  Apart from being a gorgeous building, it is also a gorgeous shop which I visited today looking for an umbrella for my other half.  They make City Umbrellas to measure, and there was a gentleman being “fitted” for one while I was browsing this afternoon – the cane needs to be the right length of course, and when you are paying that much for a brolly the fact that it is hand made is a must.

I did look at some lovely smaller umbrellas (I can’t see my husband walking around with a City Umbrella!) but decided the credit card wouldn’t really stretch far enough… one day I will buy an umbrella from there – just not today!

When you are next in London, this shop is a must see.

Friday 19th February 2010
Friday 19th February 2010

19/02/10: James Smith & Sons Umbrellas Ltd – a proper old fashioned shop in London (still trading)

And to show you the front of the shop:

Friday 19th February 2010
Friday 19th February 2010

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