Memories of Sea World Changed

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I absolutely love Florida.  We’ve been there three times now and can’t wait to go back again.  We love the sun, the parks, the shopping, the friendly people, and the fact that it’s a long way from home!

But the news on Wednesday about one of the trainers at Sea World being killed has really shocked me.

I absolutely love Sea World. I love dolphins especially, but there is no doubt that Shamu is an absolutely great show.  Recently I have heard people complain about Sea World and the fact that they are training wild animals, but this hasn’t bothered me until now.  I guess this, sadly, has demonstrated that you cannot “untrain” animals from their natural instincts, and it has really raised questions in my mind over the captivity of animals in this way.  I mean, what should happen to the Orka now?  Should it be destroyed?  Should it be set free?  It’s a very difficult one.

I really feel for the family of the trainer, and the other trainers who now have to continue working with the whale, as well as every member of the public who was sat in that stadium when it happened – all those people, like me, who were sat in awe of the amazing creatures and how they respond to their trainers.  This is a really terrible tragedy which has really saddened me as I’m sure it has anyone else who has ever had the Sea World experience.

Here are some of my memories of Sea World from the last time we went in April 2009. I hope nothing like this ever happens again.

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