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Each year I like to do at least one thing to raise money for charity.

Last year was the massive challenge that was the John O’Groats to Land’s End Motorbike Ride, when I rode a Harley Davidson over 2,200 miles with four others to raise money for The Salvation Army in Boston and Macmillan Cancer Support in Lincolnshire.

This year I have decided to take the plunge, literally, and book myself on a Charity Parachute Jump!

So I will be doing a TANDEM SKYDIVE to raise money for the RNIB in April.


The leaflet says:

Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 10,000 feet – the noise of the engines and the wind ringing in your ears with only the outline of distant fields below.  Now imagine leaning forward out of that doorway and letting go – falling forward into the clouds, diving down through the air as you start freefalling at over 120mph.  Then imagine the peace and quiet as the canopy opens, the steering toggles come down either side of you and you begin a tranquil parachute descent from a mile up in the air, steering yourself back down to the centre of the drop zone below.”

Wow!  Need I say more!  This was probably the first thing that went on my list of Things to Do when I wrote it, and so far I have not really had the opportunity to do this.  However now I’ve decided just to go for it!  And why not?!  I am trying to make my 29th year the best ever after all… And this way I can raise some money for a worthwhile charity at the same time.


Most of you who know me know that I have had problems with my sight from birth. Three operations and many trips to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Royal Eye Infirmery in Plymouth later I am left with fantastic sight compared to what I was born with.  My right eye is fabulous, but I can only just see out of my left eye.  As a result of this I have a real respect for my sight and my eyes.


The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK’s leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight loss.  It is only fitting that I chose to do my Skydive to help raise money for this particular charity.

For more information about the RNIB please visit their website:


Obviously this Skydive costs money, and as a result the RNIB have a minimum sponsorship value of £395 per jump.  And this is where you come in! 

The aim is, of course, to raise as much money as possible to reach and overtake the £395 target… £10 would go a long way but any amount will be gratefully received.

The great thing about a blog is that I get to speak to people who live nowhere near me – but if you do and you would like to sponsor me I will have my sponsor form with me ALL the time!!

If you aren’t going to see me you can either sponsor me by sending a cheque in the post (please email for details), or by sending money via my paypal account (set up especially for this activity – paypal email  If you do send money via paypal or cheque and you are able to Gift Aid your donation please can you also send/email me your name and home address (inc postcode) so I can include that on the sponsor form.  Please also note that if you pay via paypal using your debit or credit card paypal charge a fee (no fee for using paypal balance or your bank account to sponsor in this way).

£400 seems like a lot of money but if 80 of you sponsor me just a fiver each between us we’ll raise it in no time.

Thank you all in advance for your support to the RNIB by sponsoring me to do this skydive.


I have requested to jump on 18th April (I’m waiting for confirmation of my preferred date), which is just under six weeks away… I’ll keep you updated with totals along the way!


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  1. Mum

    Goodness me! You are mad. But you will succeed because you always do!
    And the cause is fantastic.
    Great Grandma would have been proud of you too. Remember the wiggly line?

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