Year in Photos (18 Mar 2010)

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You all know by now that I love my iPhone!

I’ve had it since January last year and use it every day.  I freely admit to be addicted to particular apps, such as Twitterific (my current Twitter app of choice), Facebook, Words with Friends (free!) and Bejewelled.

This evening I downloaded a new one… Tesco Clubcard.  Now my iPhone isn’t just an iPhone, it’s also my Clubcard!  So I can go into Tesco and instead of scanning my actual Clubcard I can scan my iPhone.  I mean… why?!  But cool! 

(Today’s photo is technically a screen shot I guess, but I reckon that passes!)

Thursday 18th March 2010
Thursday 18th March 2010

18/03/10: My iPhone is now also my Tesco Clubcard.

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