Year in Photos (22 Mar 2010)

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It has become an annual tradition for my sister and I to hit the January sales.  We both LOVE shopping!  She’s mostly into bags, I’m mostly into shoes, but when we go shopping we’re happy to look at everything… we’re out for hours and hours.

So that we can actually spend some money we both save up our £2 coins throughout the year.  I think last year was a record year for me as I had about £90 in my piggy bank, but I’m not doing very well yet this year!

This is what I have so far…

Monday 22nd March 2010
Monday 22nd March 2010

22/03/10: The January Sale Fund… needs work I think!

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  1. Jay

    You’re on target for a record year there! Less than a quarter of the way through, and already £26! That’s almost £10 per month, so you should have well over £100 by January!

  2. Ronnie

    You’ve got me than I have so far… but then I was naughty and bough a bag in February! Still, January sales is certainly the best day out! Fab start to the year 🙂

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