Year in Photos (23 Mar 2010)

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I really admire people who have the patience and skill to make jewellery.  I would love to have a go myself one day.  A few friends do it and their efforts are really lovely. 

I recently purchased this one from Danielle, one of my talented friends, and it arrived today.  I totally love the colours, and it just looks fabulous.

Tuesday 23rd March 2010
Tuesday 23rd March 2010

23/03/10: Gorgeous bracelet

To give you an idea of scale, here it is across my hand.

Tuesday 23rd March 2010
Tuesday 23rd March 2010

3 Responses

  1. Danielle Graves

    Wow, I’m really priveleged to be featured on your blog hun, thanks ever so much xxx

  2. denise

    i think that is really lovely, how come nice pieces of jewlery are always owned by someone not for sale? I just dont go to the right places or know the right people. Enjoy it.

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