Sponsorship Update

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In just three weeks the whole Tandem Skydive for the RNIB thing will all be over.


The closer it gets the more I’m being told I’m brave (and stupid/mad etc)… it’s all making me a bit worried I have to admit.

It’s all to raise money for a great cause so it’ll be worth all the worry and being scared – and the sponsorship is going really well.

Thanks to a couple of donations over the weekend the totaly now stands at a fantastic £371… giving me a really tiny £24 to go to reach my target of £395.


Thank you to anyone who has sponsored me already – you are all so kind.

And of course if you haven’t sponsored me and would like to help me with the last £24, there is still time!  Here’s all the information on how…


If you’re new to my blog and not really sure what I’m going on about, here are a couple of posts which explain what I’m up to and why:



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