Year in Photos (29 Mar 2010)

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I have a few days off work and one of the (many) things on my to list is to sort out the garden.  Ok so it needs more sorting out than I have time for, but I atleast want to get the pots all sorted.

However I’ve ended up with a cold, just typical, so I made a small start today by sorting out the herbs.  We’ve had herbs in the garden for some time, but last year the ones we had just didn’t re-grow (I diagnosed them with being dead!) so I went and bought some new plants to replace them this morning.

So now we’ve got chives, thyme, garlic, mint and rosemary on the patio.  Not grown garlic before, apparently I can harvest that when the leaves start to go yellow?! 

Monday 29th March 2010
Monday 29th March 2010

29/03/10: Chives, thyme, garlic, mint and rosemary.

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