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Anyone who has ever been involved in Scouting will know something of the World Scout Jamboree.

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will take place in Rinkaby, Sweden, between the 27th July and the 7th August 2011. And one of my friend’s daughter’s has got a place to attend – she is ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Hey, my name is Sabrina Draude. I am fifteen years old and an explorer scout. I have just recently been accepted into the 22nd World Scout Jamboree, and I am extremely excited. The World Scout Jamboree is a great peace exercise where young people from around the world get to meet across geographical, religious and cultural borders. This is an experience of a lifetime where participants get extensive leadership training and tools for contributing to a better society in their local communities. In order to help those Scouts who would otherwise have not been able to participate in the Jamboree, we have initiated the Jamboree solidarity fund, Operation One World. My jamboree funds will assist a Scout with the costs for transportation, participation fee, entry visas and camp equipment as well as preparation costs and costs for the stay in Sweden before and after the World Scout Jamboree

Here she is with current Chief Scout, Bear Grylls:

I have to admit to being a little bit jealous of Sabrina attending this massive event (my experiences at several Internatioanl Camps were ones I will remember for ever, especially my first which was at Fordell Firs in Scotland)… but it does mean she has a lot of fundraising to do between now and next year.

The idea is that she and her fellow delegates raise money for Scouts without the means to get to Sweden to attend the Jamboree.  Sabrina has a target of £2,000 to raise, and is running various fundraising events to get to that target.

If you would like to know more about Sabrina’s journey to the World Jamboree, you should follow her blog:


And if you would like to help sponsor her, this is her JustGiving page:


For more information about the Jamboree itself, this is the place to look:


Good luck with all your fundraisers Sabrina and I hope you have lots of fun both between now and the Jamboree and then in Sweden too.

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  1. rosie

    fundraising update £640..
    checkout her blog..to see what she has been donated for the Jamboree raffle still more donations to collect.
    Super prizes from Boots, Lush, Jordans Cereals and many other high street stores/ restaurants

  2. I an Duncan

    Good luck Sabrina with the self-funding. You’ve done really well so far.

    I used to support charity events, got tired though of trying to sort the genuinely disadvantaged cases from the ones just trying it on. Some well off folk just don’t like spending their money !

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